Jaguar Land Rover Mind Sense Project Uses Biometric Sensors to Monitor Driver Alertness

is a research done to develop a technology which uses biometric sensors to monitor driver’s concentration. It is part of the safety measurement of the company which is aimed to reduce road accidents.

The technology consists of brainwave sensors which are going to be installed at the steering wheel of XJ sedan and heart rate monitoring sensors as well as respiratory sensors which are going to be implemented at the driver’s seat. The sensors are designed to be able to detect driver’s focus and able to determine whether he was focusing on the road, dozing off or thinking about something else as well as his stress level. If his stress level suddenly pikes up, then the vehicle will be able to switch to emergency mode which will ensure the driver’s safety.

On top of that the researchers is coming up with a technology which is going to be implemented in the infotainment system and designed to be able to predict what the driver wants to touch on the touch screen so that the driver will spend lesser time focusing on changing the setting and focusing more on the road.

Another additional safety technology which is also under development is going to be installed in accelerator pedal. Therefore, if the driver presses the accelerator above the speed limit or if there is not much time to stop, the accelerator will be able to slow down automatically or prevent you from bumping into the car in front of you.

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