Audi CEO Worries that Google Will Invade Self Driving Car Owners Privacy

Google’s self driving cars are undergoing testing for months now. So far, they have reported 11 accidents on the road during testing and all of them were not caused by Google’s self driving itself but rather by human driver which either hit Google’s from the side or from the back.

For a self driving car, software is the most important part of the vehicle and recently, there are questions being raised on the privacy of the autonomous car which means who will have the authority to access the data collected by the self driving car.

Recently, Google has been reported to try to work together with German car manufacturers over the past few months, one of them is .  It seems that there is not much issue but as there is no clear guideline of who are able to access the data that is collected by the self driving car, this has raised concern to the German automakers as the car owners’ privacy is their priority.

Audi’s CEO, Stadler raised this concern at a business event in Berlin recently which also attended by Google’s Eric Schmidt. He explained that the customer wanted to be at the focus and did not want to be exploited. These kinds of concerns about connected cars are bound to be happen and Google might need to find a way to resolve it.

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