Mini Augmented Reality Glasses Developed for Safety Driving

was showcased at Auto Shanghai 2015 motor show this April. It is basically a pair of glasses which is designed to make driving safer as it is able to eliminate blind spots as well as helping the driver to park the car. On top of that, the glasses also display information essential for the driver such as speed limits and turn by turn navigation. Apart to be used in the car, it also can be used while walking as it displays the direction to the destination as well as the time taken to reach it.


The product also can be used to read an incoming text message just by pressing “OK” button which is displayed on top of the steering wheel. It boasts to be simple, effective and easy. However, the only downside is that the glasses will feel heavy after it is used for some time.


The glass is a research project developed by Group Research and Technology in collaboration with mobile chipmaker, Qualcomm.  Jörg Preißinger of Group Research and Technology said that the device was at the early stage even though it is already working in a strictly controlled test environment and that if technology evolves then these glasses could become available for the public to use.


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