Hyundai Patented Speed Bump Detection System

has patented a technology which is able to identify whether there is a speed bump ahead by using several technologies such as GPS, camera as well as multiple sensors. It is then able to measure its height, width and curvature which based on this information, the system then will be able to calculate appropriate speed to drive over the hump. If the driver speed is higher than the calculated speed then there will be a warning message to inform them to slow down.

Even though speed bumps seem to be insignificant issue, however, the technology is useful when implemented for autonomous vehicles. Therefore, all the autonomous vehicles’ automaker need to do is to implement an additional system which is able to make the car slows down automatically and the driverless car will able to handle it as well as human.

Apart from the usage in autonomous vehicles, the technology is useful for all type of vehicles such as semi-autonomous vehicle or even manual vehicle as some times especially during nighttime; it is not that easy to detect a speed bump on the road as the color might be the same as the color of the road.

The system can be considered as part of the safety feature in the automotive industry. There is no further information on how Hyundai is going to implement the technology and in which model; it is going to be implemented first.

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