Sharp Shows off Free Form Display (FFD) at CES this year.

has been working on a () for a few years now and the company showcased the prototype at this year’s CES (Customer Electronics Show) which held in Las Vegas, Nevada, United States. The device is expected to be released in the automotive market in 2017.

The display is developed by using the IGZO technology and it can be cut to any shape. It is improvement from the current as the current display can only be shaped as a rectangle because there is a minimum width for the bezel in order to accommodate for the drive circuit which is the perimeter surround the screen’s display area or more known as gate driver.  The free form display does not need to have a rectangular shape as it dispersed throughout the pixels on the display area, therefore, the bezel size can be adjusted to fit to any cool design which can only be imagined before. The best thing is that it uses low power to power it up.

The only downside is that there is no touch functionality yet; however, it will be added on later on.  Free form display (FFD) might be used on other devices such as wearable devices with elliptical displays as well as digital signage apart from car display. As for the car display itself, it can be combined with a speedometer and other monitors.

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