Jaguar Land Rover 360 Degree Vision to Eliminate Blind Spots

Automakers nowadays are competing to make the best car design which is going to be better than the car designs which is already in the market. However, most of the car design is still having the blind spot issue which is caused by the car pillar which seems to be insignificant issue. UK-based has come up with a design which will give the driver 360 degree visions which hopefully can eliminate the driver’s blind spot and therefore will minimize the possibility of having an accident.

How does this work?

There will be cameras fitted outside the car’s frame which will provide a live feed onto the screens which is embedded on the pillars inside the car. The screens will be turned on whenever the driver moves their head over their shoulder or when the car approaches a junction.  Therefore, hopefully, this way, it can help drivers to make better decision in the most stressful driving environment.

The technology is part of the company’s research which is aimed to improve driver’s navigation as well as to reduce road accident. On top of that, there is another feature, ‘Follow-Me Ghost Car Navigation’ which is designed to project an image of a vehicle in front of the driver’s car so that the driver can follow it towards the destination.

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