England Will be the First Country for Electric Cars to be Able to be charged while on the move

There are approximately 35,000 electric cars registered in UK since 2001 and the figure is expected to be more in years to come. Most of electric cars normally need recharging after travelling about 100 miles; therefore, there is a need to have more and more charging station to be installed around UK. However, it seems that this way is still not enough as the ’s driver will need to make a few stops to charge the vehicle until it reaches its destination.

Major roads and motorways in England will be installed with a new system which is known as dynamic wireless power transfer which will enable electric car to be charged and therefore remove the need to stop a few times just to refuel the electric car. Charger equipments will be installed below the road surface which in this way, the electric car just need to stop and it will be refuel automatically.

Highways England Chief Engineer Mike Wilson said that the off-road trials of wireless power technology would help to create more sustainable road network for England and open up new opportunities for businesses that transport goods across the country. England’s government is also supporting the growth of this technology in the hope that it will boost jobs for the people.

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