Nokia HERE Map Essential for Driverless Car

’s Here True cars are similar with Google’s Street View cars in terms of their appearance. However, they have a different task to do. is taking images of the street view in order to make a very detailed 3D maps through reality mapping. The result will then be used for driverless car to navigate on the streets, complete with the street markings and the speed that a car normally take when it take a corner.

Nokia Here True cars are easy to be identified; they are normally painted with a customized bright blue and white color. On the top of the car, there are four high-resolution cameras to capture 360-degree images per six meters, a system which records 700,000 points per second and able to scan 100 meters in any direction as well as a highly accurate GPS sensor which able to pinpoint the location of the cars down to centimeters.

Nokia Here seldom found in the limelight, not as much as Google and . The service provided by Nokia normally works at the background for other companies such as Bing, Yahoo, Garmin, FedEx and Oracle. Recently Nokia HERE was sold to automotive industry consortium for EUR 2.8 billion which leaves the company to concentrate on other business (es) such as its networking equipment industry.  Nokia smartphone division has been sold to Microsoft a few years ago.

Nokia HERE hopefully able to supply data as accurately as possible to the driverless car in order for it to travel smoothly to its destination in the future.

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