General Motor to Implement Smarter Headlights for Safer Travelling

A European subsidiary of General Motors (GM), /, is developing a which deemed to be smarter than the current which is already available in the market. Therefore, instead of adjusting the direction of the headlight depending on the direction of the car’s steering wheel, the GM’s headlight will be redirecting the lighting depending on the movement of the driver’s eyes. This sounds amazing, isn’t it?

In order for it to work, there will be a single camera with peripheral infra-red sensors most probably installed around the driver’s seat area and it supposed to be able to scan the driver’s facial features and eyes over 50 times per seconds to determine where they are looking at that point of time. On top of that it is designed to be able to work under poor lightning conditions such as during dusk or night time and the data collected is designed to be as accurate as possible to the reality.


There are (of course) some challenges when designing this system. One of them is that as our eyes normally will blink, therefore, there is a special algorithm that put in place whereby to monitor where the driver is looking and how focused he or she is looking at the object that they are seeing during that time and the headlight will be redirected to that location. Therefore, the headlights will not be erratic flashing when the eyes blink.

There is no further information on when is the release date but it is expected to be announced in the next 18 months.

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