Ford Coming up with Scheme that Will Benefit its Owners

is coming up with a scheme which will help car owners with their car loan’s payment.  With its service, the company is allowing their customers to rent their own vehicle out to other people and offset the payment against their car loan’s payments.

The service is currently under experiment stage whereby about 12,000 Londoners and 14,000 US customers from Berkeley, Oakland, San Francisco, Portland, Chicago and Washington DC are invited to join the new scheme. Not to worry as the service will be based on pay as you use basis, therefore there should not be any hidden fee and you only have to pay what you have used.

To provide this service, Ford has teamed up with club, which is the sister company of budget airline easyJet, in UK whereas in US, the company has partnered up with to do the job.  To use the service, renters are required to search on the car that they want to rent, book it online and collect the car key from the owner and they can use it for the period that they has specified when they book the car in the first place.

It is a good idea coming from the company as it can be quite expensive to own a car in the city whereas you might not need to drive it on daily basis. For Ford car owners who are interested and they have credit agreements with the company are able to enroll for the six month pilot program started on August 1st.

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