Connected Cars Give Rise to Security Challenges which needs to be addressed by Automakers

As new cars will be mostly equipped by communication technology by early 2020, (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration) is coming up with a proposed rule by the end of the year. Despite the benefit of reducing road accident by 30,000 in US itself yearly, the technology is prone to data security and privacy issue.

A group of automakers such as Motor, General Motors, Nissan Motor, Mazda Motor Corp, Honda Motor, with Audi, Daimler AG’s Mercedes Benz as well as Hyundai Motor with Kia Motors is required to come up with proof of concept for security credential management system by August next year.  The idea is to use PKI (Public Key Infrastructure) for two vehicles to communicate with each other as well as to exchange data. The system will need to scale to 200 million or more vehicles while maintaining driver privacy and fending off hackers.

PKI will make use encryption and pairs of digital keys to encode and decode messages. The sender will use the private key to digitally sign the message, embedding the message and the information that validates its identity and send them to the receiver. The receiver then will use public key to verify the sender’s digital signature. This way is also used in the online shopping currently.

As the benefits of connected cars are more than the challenges that they have therefore, with the advance of the technology, eventually the technology will outweigh the challenges.

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