Ford Motor Unveiled MoDe:Flex e-Bike Prototype

Motor unveiled Prototype at the “Go Further with Ford” conference which was held in June 2015. Apart from the Prototype, the company also introduce the app which designed to provide the real time information on navigation, weather, time and traffic among other features.

The MoDe:Flex e-bike boasts to allow the rider to do hands-free, turn-by-turn navigation while able to keep track of your heart rate.  The MoDe:Link app is currently extended to be able to work on smartwatch therefore, biker will be able to access the real time information on his or her wrist.  On top of that, there is a special feature which can only be activated on the smartwatch. The feature is known as “no sweat” mode which will monitor the rider’s heart rate and if the heart rate is going faster then it will increase the electric pedal assist so that the rider does not have put in a lot of effort to pedal the e-bike and thus hopefully the rider will not sweat after reaching the destination. This is useful feature for riders who do not want to show up in a meeting with a dampened shirt when he or she rides his or her bicycle to work.

These new features are unveiled after Ford unveiled Mode:Me and Mode:Pro eBikes which are designed for commuters and delivery services respectively three months ago.  All these shows Ford’s effort to push other mode of transportation apart from just four-wheel transportation.

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