Hyundai Patented a Smartphone Disabler Feature for its Car Models

Based on study, it is found out that most of the road accidents often caused by human drivers as they tend to be distracted while driving on the road. It could be because they are using their mobile phones or talking to other passengers while driving the car. An easier solution for this issue is just to not use your smartphone while on the road, however, it seems that it cannot be easily done as there might be someone who is trying to reach you for urgent matters. Therefore, carmakers are coming out with ways to overcome this.

General Motor, for example, is exploring ideas to come up with head and eye tracking to ensure that the human driver is paying attention to the road. , on the other hand, offers a simpler method by just disabling the phone while driving.

Hyundai recently patented the technology to limit or disable the use of some of mobile device features which could cause distraction to the user as mentioned in the published patent.  This feature will depend on the vehicle’s speed to determine which smartphone functions are safe to be used including texting or voice calls and it can be restricted to be just for the area around the driver’s seat or for the whole car depending on the configuration.

The idea is to place antennas around the vehicle to detect and monitor cellular signal. If the signal is detected then the system will decide which features should be disabled and which features should not be disabled depending on the time of the day and the importance of the caller. Therefore, it is not the straightforward on or off function. The only thing is that the mobile phone needs to install a specific program for all this to work.

Although it is an interesting concept, but it might take some time before we can see it installed in Hyundai vehicles.

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