The Impact and Evolution on Battery to Our Environment and Economy Aspect

Although some of us might not have notice it but battery plays a significant role in our daily lives. All the electronic devices that we use are powered by battery and in the next few years, even our vehicles are going to use battery to be able to cruise on the road. The most common battery that is used is and sadly, there is bad press surrounding this type of battery recently as there are devices which are powered by it explode when it is used although the number of cases is quite small.

Recently, founder, Elon Mask, showcased “” which is designed to be low-cost for charging electric cars and home electric usage.  On top of that, researchers are currently exploring on making battery from aluminum-ion which may be safer, lighter and cheaper than the current lithium-ion battery. These may lead to a lower cost of energy storage which will then make the electric car and home energy storage more affordable as well as a greener environment.

When we talk about a greener environment, we cannot run away from the climate change issue which is currently happening without us even realizing it. To solve this, it might not be easy and we might need to depend on technology to do it which then will encourage the idea of “superindustrialisation” as such that industry and technology are combined to resolve the climate change issue by using resources efficiently, reduce waste and control the pollution.

Let us take car as an example. The car industry generates more than 3m tones of scrap and waste yearly, in fact, in 2009, about 14m cars were scrapped in US itself.  To make things worse, the number of cars used on the road is increasing yearly and thus the current infrastructure might not be able to support it anymore and thus new roads would need to be built and unconsciously, it would destroy the ecosystem.  Electric cars, although it might not help to reduce the wastage issue, they can solve the pollution issue cause by the conventional cars which are running on gasoline as the manufacturers are promising near to zero emission  which likely to reduce the percentage of global warming potential from vehicle by about 20%.

However, to create a greener economy, it is not possible by depending only on the technology alone.  It would need the cooperation of all the people in the world by doing a small green act daily such as switching off light when it is not used.

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