New Self Driving Car Model from Mercedes Benz Makes You Want to Own One

unveiled its version of self driving car model at CES (Consumer Electronic Show) which was held in Nevada, Las Vegas this year. The car model is known as F 015 and it just looks like something that coming out from James Bond Movie.  The Verge has the opportunity to take it out for a test drive and the review has been good so far.

F 015 is designed with comfort and luxury in mind as it offers maximum space as well as lounge feel inside the vehicle.  The four-seated car will be release in the year of 2030 whereby the road is full of other and the traffic is slow. Therefore, the passengers will have more time to relax or maybe doing their work in the car while going to their destination.

The interior design of the car is amazing as the floor is made of light-colored fine wood; there are four seats which made from extremely soft ice-white nappa leather and rotating feature that allows for a face-to-face seat configuration whereas the body of the car is made of clearly-defined metal and glass surfaces.  There are particularly large LED displays at front and rear as well as laser projection system which directed toward the front which allows it to communicate with its surroundings.  The car also able to interpreted voice commands from its passengers.

The car has a total range of 1,100 kilometres which includes 200 kilometres of battery-powered driving as well as 900 kilometres on the electricity from fuel cell. This figure is comparable of a gasoline powered car but it is better as the electric car is promised to give out zero local emissions.

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