Volkswagen Golf R Allows Driver to Control It by Imitating Engine Noises

has developed an interesting feature on its . To showcase this feature to general public, the company partnered with ad agency Deutsch LA to release a creative ad whereby a few car racer making funny noises and the car is able to act according to the sounds that he produced.

The new feature of Golf R is a feature which allows the driver to make engine noises with his or her voice and the car will perform accordingly. For example, if the driver imitates the sound of shifting gear, then the car will be able to analyze the vocal pitches by using what is called the “Deep Learning” artificial intelligence and eventually will shift the gear.  However, the driver might look a little bit silly when he’s doing that though.

Vinay Shahani, Marketing VP of America’s Volkswagen, explained that the idea behind the Golf R “Unleash Your Rrrr” campaign was a simple imagination. He added by taking we back to our childhood playtime where some of us might like to play with our toy car and we imagined rugs as expressways or wooden floors as slick racetracks and we made engine noises with our voice.  Therefore, as the current technology allows us to do so, therefore it is visualized into a reality.

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