Honda to Discontinue Hybrid Civic and Abandon CNG for Upcoming Car Models

is making some bold changes on the company’s upcoming car models.  The company is planning to introduce a whole line-up of electric cars gradually, starting with introducing the next-generation fuel cell vehicle, and then followed by all-new battery electric model and all-new plug-in hybrid model. There is no confirmation about the exact release date; however, it is expected to be somewhere in 2016 or 2017.

The Japanese manufacturer is reported to discontinue the hybrid or the natural gas model of their Civic lineup in the end of 2015 model year.  It is a sad news as Honda has been promoting CNG-powered vehicles for many years now and they are the only automaker which producing it. However, as the gas refueling infrastructure is a little bit complicated and there is low consumer demand and thus the decision has been made.  Despite all this, Honda promises to keep delivering a high level service for the CNG-fueled car owners through its CNG-certified Honda dealers.

Honda is also reported that the company will discontinue the Accord Plug-In Hybrid as the sales have fallen 10% through the end of May compared with the figure on 2014. However, moving forward, Honda will launch a new two-motor hybrid system as well as three-motor hybrid system in the next few years which promises to be even fuel efficient and greater performance.

Honda stated that the company remained committed to their vision for more sustainable mobility.

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