The Future of Manual Transmissions Does Not Look Bright as Mentioned by Head of BMW M

Frank van Meel, M Chief, mentioned that from a technical standpoint, the future does not look bright for manual gearboxes as the DCT [Dual-Clutch transmission] and auto boxes are faster and they have better fuel consumption.  However, it seems that a lot of consumer still prefer to buy a manual car while the car manufacturer itself reluctant to produce a manual car.

Van Meel noted that as a lot of consumers still prefer manual car, BMW would not take away something that the consumer wants to have and thus, BMW will still be producing manual cars alongside with the M performance models.  On top of that, Van Meel also said that the M division’s product may be capped at 600 horsepower as adding more horsepower or torque would most probably be over the limits.

The most powerful of M car model as well as the most powerful car model which is produced by BMW so far was the . It was launched last year.  was built to celebrate M5’s 30th anniversary and equipped with an exact 600 hp and 516 pound feet of torque.  In comparison with a normal M5, it is much higher as the standard M5 is equipped with 560hp and 500 lb-ft.

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