Ford Moves towards Making Self Driving Cars

With other companies such as Google or are already testing on the self driving cars on California streets, Motors seems to enter the self driving car industry a little bit late as the company is still in the first stage of the five stage of autonomous driving development. Before going to the development of a full self driving car, Motor Co. announced that the company is focusing to bring driver-assist technology to its entire lineup by 2020.

The driver-assist technology will be able to help human driver to brake in case of emergency or to stay within lanes when getting in or out of a tight parking lot. On top of that the company is also appointing Randy Visintainer, a man with 29-year experience and the director of product development quality, to lead the autonomous vehicle development.

Raj Nair, Ford’s group vice president of Global Product Development, said that the driver-assist technology are the building blocks for increasingly capable semi-autonomous operation and that the company is still in the first of five stage of development towards autonomous driving.  His statement came about at a media event in San Francisco.

Ford is reported to be working together with a few startup companies for its Ford Smart Mobility plan which focuses on connected, autonomous vehicle. Some of the startup companies such as Dearborn, Mich-based company which is working with Carbon3D and Redwood City-based company which develops an advanced 3D printing process that can produce car parts from plastic resins at faster speed than conventional 3D printing processes.

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