Mazda’s Mobile Start App Allows You to Remotely Start Your Car

is coming up with its own app, Mobile Start which allows the car owners to start or stop the car’s engine remotely using a smartphone. The car is started by using the last known configuration and it can be adjusted only from inside the vehicle. This feature is useful when you want the temperature inside the car to cool down or heat up before you actually enters the car and it allows maximum 30 minutes of idle time for you to enter the car.

Other features of the app such as allowing user to remotely check whether the car is locked or lock and unlock the car door from afar.  On top of that, there is also feature to locate you car in the parking lot. However, it is only working in the large open parking lot as it uses the smartphone’s built-in camera and GPS for the feature to work. Therefore, for the car which is parked in the underground parking lot, this feature cannot be used and you will need to find your car manually.

The app is available only through dealers and it comes as an accessory. It does not affect the warranty but it cost $500 to install plus yearly subscription fee. The first year’s fee is waived but for subsequent year, Mazda will charge $65 per year. It is available for iOS and Android smartphone but unfortunately, it is only support a few Mazda car models such as 2016 Mazda6 and CX-5 with automatic transmissions.

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