Faux City Developed to Test Driverless Car in University of Michigan’s North Campus

MCity, a faux city which built on top of 32-acre land near to ’s North Campus was officially open on Monday morning. It consists of a mixture of streets, fake buildings, traffic lights, a bridge, a tunnel as well as a four-lane highway with entrance and exit ramps. The facility is reported to cost about $6.5 million to build.

The facility is built so that the researchers are able to do testing on , therefore, sometimes, someone is found to be crossing the road aimlessly and the should be able to avoid him easily. Twitter users are sharing the photos by using #MCity hashtag in case if you want to find more information about it.

Driverless car is on the trend right now as a few big companies are in the testing stage of it before releasing it for public to use. Even though there are some benefits of using it, there are still some challenges that need to be resolved such as the policies and regulations which aimed to keep road users safe.

LinkedIn co-founder, Reid Hoffman, mentioned that self-driving cars are not just allowed but mandatory in the vast majority of spaces. On top of that, according to Google, it seems that the biggest challenge of the driverless car is potentially human driver as there were a few times when Google was testing their driverless car; it was hit by a human driver from the back as he or she was distracted by something and not paying attention to the road. On the other hand, “Freakonomics” book has pointed out that driverless car might encourage binge drinking and destroy jobs.

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