Canadian Startups Are Coming up with Devices for Auto Industry

There are a lot of things happening for auto industry with the electric cars or the self-driving cars on the way to become reality or is a reality. A few of Canadian startups is coming up with both hardware and software which hopefully will make it more convenient for the drivers on the road.

is Vancouver-based startup which produces a small device which is able to monitor your driving and upload it into the cloud with an always-on 3G or 4G internet connection. The device is plugged into your car’s diagnostic port which normally under the steering wheel.  In this way, drivers will be able to personalize the driving experience.  The product is sold for $169. Drivers are able to get it from Amazon or the company’s own website.

is Toronto-based startup which trying to find ways to open your car door by using your smartphone.  Another startup which is Toronto based is New Brunswick’s which is also coming up with device in order to send information about your car to your car service station.  Both companies are example for startups which are looking ways to come up with device that can improve the relationship for you and your car.

Another entry for promising startups is .Inc which is based in Waterloo.  They are coming up with a nanotechnology transparent film to prevent frost from building up on vehicle windows, blocks UV rays in hot months and protects against flying stones or other things. The device was targeted on large trucking companies.

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