Qualcomm Halo Charger Make Electric Car to be Charged Wirelessly

is most known for producing smartphone processor. However, it seems like the company is also taking part in shaping the future of by coming up with Halo chargers.  Recently, has partnered with Swiss electric car parts manufacturer, Brusa, to develop, manufacture and supply the Halo chargers to other companies.  In this way, it will be profitable business for as well as it will accelerate the reality of charging electric cars in car parks or even on roads by using wireless chargers.

The Halo chargers made its debut in the Formula E championship, electric car race, to charge the batteries of BMW i3 and i8 which concluded in London in June.  By licensing Brusa to manufacture the charger, hopefully, the technology can be rolled out to the general public sooner than planned. Initially, the plan is for electric car to be wirelessly charged by parking over a platform, then, hopefully, it can further extended to be appear on the road. Therefore, there should be some special lane which charge electric as they drive by. The only downside for is that they charged slower than plugging in the cable into the car. However, it is more convenient as it does not need an extra heavy and bulky charging cable to carry around.

It seems like wireless charging is the more attractive alternative to the current charging process which is limited, confusing and sometimes faced with unstable charging network today.

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