Android Auto Firsthand Experience on Hyundai Sonata

became the first car model which comes with on dealer lots starting from 2015 year make onwards. The company is offering the system free of charge to any car owner who opts for the navigation system which is part of the $4100 package. The car price starts at $23,275.

Android Auto is reported to be simple to use, flexible and it is working (which is the most important part). Like many other car infotainment system which is installed in other cars, Android Auto also comes with voice recognition. It is when you say something like “Fried Noodle” then the system will search for any eating place which sells fried noodle and will show the navigation to the place. Other car model such as Cadillac ATS was also tested for navigation to Boston’s Logan airport; however, what happen is that the radio was tuned to Hair Nation XM. Another example is for BMW 7-series, when the driver said wanted to go to Pelham, New York from JFK airport, the car tried to send the driver to Normandy, Missouri.

Android Auto is reported to be easy to setup. You just need to plug your phone to the car’s USB port and select Android Auto at the center screen. However, it is only workable from Android 5.0 Lollipop onwards. The only thing is that it is still buggy. The contact list was not working during the first hour of driving. However, the problem was solved the very next day. On top of that, when the car is started, the sound of Android Auto will not work, therefore no voice responses or nothing from the Heart radio or NPR. This issue can easily be solved by unplugging and plugging back the phone.

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