An Online Game Developed to Show the Difference between Human and Robot Driver

Error-Prone, a free online game which was developed to simulate what happen when there is more robot driver than human driver in the same road at a particular time. The online game was developed by Swedish game accelerator Stugan and Swedish Transport Administration.  It is an online game which puts you behind the wheel of any 26 driverless cars that are circling a tree.  The result is that most probably you will break through the marching orders of the pattern in within 0.3 seconds after you start the game, smashing to other cars and more or less repeat the process until the gap was wide enough to drive normally.

The simulation shows that if a human driver drives recklessly, he or she can be more dangerous than a robotic driver and there is a ripple effect to it. It will not just going to affect only one car but it would potentially spread through blocks which in the end will destroy any efficiency that a robotic car supposed to bring us in the first place as robotic driver drives in a certain manner.

Therefore the conclusion is that there should be some safety regulation which will limit what a human driver can do to be able to use the road safely together with the robotic driver. On top of that, the human cars will also need some level of automation to be able to handle a certain scenario. In this way, hopefully there will be less traffic and low accident reports.

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