A Look at Mobility in the Next 15 Years Time Frame

Technology companies such as Google or are currently testing self driving cars on the road. Therefore, it is not surprising that in the next few years, self driving cars will be common on the road. Despite of the challenges that it faces, self driving cars have some benefit too. The benefits were listed in a new website called Ideo. According to Danny Stillion, partner at Ideo, the website was developed to provoke a conversation about the future of mobility.


One of the benefits that a self driving car can do is that it will drive itself to your location whenever you call it. Once you get inside the car, it will sync with your mobile devices, calculates the fastest route to get to your destination and pick up other people who are heading to the same destination along the way while you are going through your email. Therefore, in this way, you can avoid traffic and still be able to reach to your destination on time as well as saving some road space as you can link up with other cars.


Apart from self driving car, the technology also can be used to develop self driving truck. For example, imagine you are baking a cake in your home, but you forgot to buy butter which is essential in baking a cake. Therefore, you can call the self driving truck to come and pick it up for you while you are making the other ingredient for the cake. At the same time, the self driving truck also can make deliveries around your area.


Another possibility is that something which can be called as mobile offices. For example, after baseball season has passed, an empty stadium can be used as mobile offices for startup companies or these mobile offices can also parked in a park or piers for the employee to have better view and therefore resulting in fresh ideas. After a long day, the mobile office can drive itself back to the garage for recharge.

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