GM CEO Mary Barry – Self Driving Cars is Possible However It Will Take Time

A question was posed by Walt Mossberg, an American journalist who worked as principal technology columnist for The Walt Street Journal until January 2014, to General Motor’s CEO Mary Barry in , on whether we will eventually see self-driving cars on the road and if yes, when is it going to happen.

She answered that she absolutely saw it but for the realistic time frame, she answered that it would be a journey.  She did not specify how long it will take but she believes that the wait will be long.  There are a lot of things needs to be done before a full self-driving cars can be seen on the road. There is road infrastructure needed to be built to support them, new laws from federal and state level as well as consumers’ confident about the self driving cars.

She added that in the shorter terms, consumers are more interested in the intelligent driving systems which allow drivers to take their hands off the steering wheels and their feet off the pedal and the car still able to drive itself to the destination. She hinted that the coming Cadillac cars will include super cruise mode which does the same thing.

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