Flying Car Seems Possible in the Next Few Years with Terrafugia TF-X

, a US-based company is developing a mode of transportation which seems to be impossible a few years ago and the ones that we can only see or imagine in the books or movies. The company is developing , a which goal is to enhance the safety, simple and convenient to operate. The development is expected to take at least 8-12 years.

TF-X is designed to be safer than the which is currently undergoing road testing. It also will have the capability to automatically avoid the other air traffic, bad weather as well as restricted and tower-controlled air space. For the emergency cases such as when the operator concludes that the vehicle cannot perform auto-landing, the operator can activate the parachute system which comes pre-installed in the vehicle itself or the operator will be able to land the vehicle in non-approved landing zones. For worst case scenario whereby the operator becomes unresponsive, the vehicle will land itself automatically at the nearest airport.

It will be easy to learn on how to operate TF-X safely. It will take not more than five hours for an average driver to do it. On top of that TF-X can operate in either manual or automatic modes between approved landing zones or airports. The driver will also have freedom to control the vehicle by using a tool in the vehicle which is similar to a steering wheel in a car.

There is no information about the pricing of the vehicle. However, if you wish to own one before it is released to the public, you are able to do so by reserving a Transition today which then if you bought the Transition, you will given option to purchase TF-X before the other consumers.

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