BMW Unveiled Prototype 5 Series GT at Its Innovation Day in France

Apart from exploring electric as an alternative to power up its electric car, is also exploring the possibility of using hydrogen cell to power up its electric car. As a result, the company unveiled the prototype GT which is using cell to power its electric motor during its “Innovation Day” in France.

It is not the first time that BMW is experimenting with hydrogen. Previously the company is reported to use hydrogen cell to power up Hydrogen 7 which in the end only managed to travel about 124 miles on hydrogen. Compared with Hydrogen 7, the modified 5 series is able to top about 300 miles easily as it also comes with 245 horsepower but it cannot compete with the company’s electric i8 in a drag race.

BMW is working together with Toyota in order to develop industry-approved parts by 2020.  With this, the company hopes that other automakers will also considering in making electric cars which run on hydrogen cells. It is not going to be easy to build an affordable, pervasive network of hydrogen stations but BMW and others are open to the idea.

During its Innovation Day event, BMW also showcased a new water injection system for its 1Series. When the liquid is sprayed on the engine, it will then quickly evaporate and therefore lower down the combustion temperatures by about 25 degrees Celcius. It is similar technology as found in BMW M4, however, the difference is that the M4 uses water from a five-litre tank which needs to be replenished whereas the 1 Series uses condensed water from air conditioning system and therefore it does not need to be replenished.

With all this innovation from BMW, hopefully, it will create a cleaner environment.

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