Graffiti Artist Turns BMW X6 Normal Blue Paint Coating to Hulk When You Pour Hot Water on It

Rene Turrek, a German based graffiti artist, has done a very interesting paintjob. From what it seems to be a normal blue paintjob on a , it can turn into a painting of Incredible Hulk of Avengers when you pour a hot water on it. Not only it is done on the front part of the car, but the sides of the car are also having the paintjob. It seems that all is done by hand.

The technology is using what is called Thermo chromic paint or sometimes it is known as thermo chromatic paint even though it is not the correct term of it. The paint contains pigments which can change the color when the temperature changes. Some of its applications such as the Hot Wheels toy cars which was launched a few years ago which can change color when it is dipped in hot water. However, as it is meant for little kids to play, the water seems not to be too hot to see the effect.

Another masterpiece of the graffiti artist is the Captain America design on or it might be Iron Man on as he was found to be working on it in his Facebook page. He has named this project as XCLUSIVECARS. It seems that all the designs are from Avenger characters. It is not mentioned whether it is a customer’s request or it is done as promotion of Avenger movie.

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