Tesla Model X SUV is Officially Released in September

has confirmed the release of Model X which due since 2013. It was originally planned to be released at the end of 2013 but it was postponed to 2014 and finally it is going to be officially released September this year. It seems like the company has been having some issue with the suppliers.

is an electric seven-seater SUV which the rear doors can be open upwards instead of outwards. It is definitely a cool feature that a SUV can have. As it is electric, it is expected to be environmentally friendly. Currently the company is doing some final ground work such as building more validation vehicles, executing final engineering and testing work, enabling new manufacturing equipment as well as finalizing arrangement with the suppliers.

Tesla Model X SUV is already in high demand even before they were released into the market. If you register now, then you will get the car only in 2016 as there is already waiting list of the consumers who want to purchase the car. There is no detail on the car pricing, however, if you want to get into the list, you will need to make deposit of $5000.

Tesla has also released its second quarter earnings a few days ago with a loss of $61 million which is smaller figure than last year. Last year, the company suffered a loss of 148 millions. The company shares also reported to drop 6% after hours trading.

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