Audi’s Autonomous Car, Robby, Showed Off at Race Track Laps

Autonomous cars are trending these days. A lot of companies are currently testing its own autonomous cars on the public roads. One of the companies is . Last year, showed off one of its with model RS7 called “Bobby” at the season finale of German’s version of NASCAR. Recently, announced Bobby’s sibling, Robby, at race track in US. Robby promises to be smarter and lighter than Bobby’s.

Robby is weighed at 400kg lighter than Bobby and currently being tested at Sonoma Raceway in California, 90 minutes north of Silicon Valley. With the sensors and processors, Robby is the which will be the most similar to the production of RS7.

During the testing, the company invited some politicians, including California’s Lt. Governor as the passenger of the autonomous cars. This step is seen as a good move and hopefully it will help in the self-driving regulations which is later on will be passed when the time is due. It seems that the regulation will be more difficult to be passed than the technical part of the self-driving cars as it concerns the safety of the public.

Audi A8 seems to be the first which is going to be released to the market. Hopefully by that time, there is no issue on the policy.

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