Apple Attempt to Purchase the Rights to BMW i3

is reported to be interested in purchasing the rights to ’s . It seems that the company wants to use the i3’s technology for its own . The most interesting question now is that will BMW allow Apple to do that?

Normally, in general business procedure, companies do not share its secrets of success to other companies, let alone car industry which requires the technical aspect to produce the best technology for its own product, unless there is something interesting to them too. For example, in the BMW and Toyota deal, Toyota gain access to BMW’s CFRP production processes in exchange of BMW’s access to Toyota’s hybrid technology. In this way, both companies will benefit.

The deal for BMW and Apple will most probably work if Apple offers something that BMW could not reject. Therefore, what could Apple offer to BMW? One of the possible answers is autonomous car. However, it is less likely to happen as BMW itself is also working on it and Apple is new on this area even though it has already successful with its computer, smartphone and smartwatch hardware and software. Another possible answer is that BMW to work with Apple to produce an Apple edition of i3 which is going to equipped with special features which is not available anywhere. In this way, BMW is able to increase sales for i3.


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