Google Autonomous Car Prototype Reported its First Injury Crash Accident

Google’s self driving cars are in the testing stage since they are announced to the public a few years ago. Recently there was a report of one of the self driving car prototype having a collision with other car and thus causing injury to the people inside the other car. There were two people inside the Google’s car when the accident happened. One person as the driver and another person as the front seat passenger.

According to California law, there must be a person behind the wheels during the self-driving testing course and that person need to be able to take control of the wheel in case if there is an emergency as the testing is done on public roads. Google normally sends another person during the testing and this person normally sits in the front-seat to record details during the ride on a laptop.

Google has been testing the prototypes on the public roads for at least 6 years now and there had been 14 collisions happened during the time but so far only this time it caused injury to the people inside the other car. However, to be fair, it was not Google’s car prototype fault.

What happened was that Google’s prototype was travelling about 25km/h in self-driving mode behind two other cars. As the three cars approached the intersection, the first car slowed to a stop as to not block the intersection while the cars at the far side also stopped. Google’s car and the other car also stopped. However, the car behind Google’s car travelled at about 27km/h and it is suspected that it never decelerated eventhough there were a lot of distance between them and therefore crashed into Google’s car rear side. Google’s car onboard sensors reported that the car did not break. As the result, the driver of the car that crashed into Google’s car reported to have a minor neck and back pain and need to replace its front bumper whereas the car prototype rear bumper was slightly damaged.

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