Further Information on Google’s Car First Accident which Caused by Human Driver

Chris Urmson, the lead of Google’s project, explained in more details about Google’s car prototype accident which happened on July 1 . On his statement, he mentioned that the Google’s car prototype’s braking was normal and natural and that the vehicle behind them was distracted and not watching the road ahead. He was thankful that everyone in both vehicles was okay except for a bit of minor whiplash and a few scrapes on the prototype’s bumper and that the other vehicle was not so lucky as its entire front bumper fell off.

Google’s car prototypes are continuously collecting information while on the road therefore, the information gathered are deemed to be more accurate than the actual driving habits of Americans as the data on accidents are only coming from police reports whereas the minor accidents as per mentioned above is normally not get reported to the police.

Google has invented a lot of time and resources in the effort of coming up with as such it are aimed to provide a safer road environment for its users. Hopefully, these will be able to reduce the number of traffic accidents caused by irresponsible drivers out there who do not pay enough attention while they are driving or sleeping while driving (which is the worst case scenario).

However, it feels that self-driving cars still have a long way to go to be deployed to the public road and be used by the consumers.

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