Autonomous Transport Opens New Ideas for the Future

With reports on a few giant technology companies already on the testing stage of self-driving autonomous vehicles especially cars and trucks, it opens up to a few possibilities that we can have regarding the transport industry in many generations to come. Initially, it is expected that there is small changes here and there regarding on how we operate our cars. Therefore instead of the driver focusing all the time on the road, he or she could just turn on the self-driving mode and the car will drive itself to the destination while the driver is doing something else like having conversation on the phone with someone.

On top of that, it could be nice, if the car will drive itself to the driver’s location whenever it is activated or park itself in the garage. Therefore, it is expected that maybe the interior of the car is changing as the steering wheel become smaller as there is not needed as much anymore. It is only put in place for the “just in case” scenario.

As time goes by and the technology is more or less stable, will it be wonderful, if the is integrated with merchants? For example, Starbucks will have its own so that if you hop into the car, you will be served drinks from the merchant while you are working on your laptop and commuting to your destination. Another example is that when you want to run errands during your lunch time, would it wonderful if you can have your lunch while you are going to the place where you need to be at that time?

All these are the things that could possibly be happening with the . It sounds exciting, doesn’t it?


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