Tesla CEO Elon Musk Expect Self Driving Electric Cars to be released on Streets within 3 Years

During ’s shareholder meeting recently, , the company’s CEO, mentioned that the full version of self-driving electric cars would be ready to be released on the market at least in the next three years. In addition, he also mentioned that the first version of consumer-ready “autopilot” will be released in about a month.

Autopilot is a new feature on the cars which is able to assist driver during driving preferably on the highways. Therefore, it is possible for the drivers to just monitor the driving while the car drives by itself under normal condition. However, the driver should not be sleeping or close his or her eyes for too long as it still prone to accident. It is also not advisable to use the feature on the busy streets as there are a lot of cars compared to the highway and we cannot predict the other cars’ movement and the reaction on the self-driving cars to it. The idea of the “autopilot” is such when there is a dangerous situation, i.e. raining, and then the driver can manually take control of the car to prevent any bad scenario from happening.

Elon Musk gave his assurance that billions of miles will be logged to compare how computers and humans will react given on the same traffic condition and thus, the system which takes over from the driver will have to be proven that it is at least 10 times faster than a human driver. In addition of the “autopilot” feature is expected to be able to hold the car in its lane on the highway, the engineer also finding ways to make it able to park itself in the garage or drive itself to the driver’s location whenever the driver calls it.

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